Privacy policy: Housing Needs Assessment Household Survey

This privacy notice sets out how Knowsley Council and Arc4 Ltd will use personal data collected from respondents completing the Housing Survey.  It also describes your rights in relation to your personal data.
Completing the survey is not a legal requirement.  It is a voluntary act on your part to help form future housing policy and the prudent use of public money.  You can decide whether or not to complete the survey; and you can decide how much or how little you wish to complete.
Knowsley Council and Arc4 Ltd (the external contractor who are conducting the survey and wider assessment on behalf of the Council) are joint controllers of the personal data collected and processed during this exercise.

Who will own my data once I submit it?

Knowsley Council and Arc4

Why do you need my information?

Information requested is needed to enable the Council to identify the housing needs of the borough.  Information from the survey is part of a Housing Needs Assessment for Knowsley and will be used to develop the Council’s new Housing Strategy and support the development of other housing related strategies, policies and plans.  The Council have appointed arc4 Ltd to undertake the Housing Needs Assessment on behalf of the Council.


The data you provide will be used to allow Knowsley Council and Arc4:

  • To understand key characteristics of households being surveyed, including age, relationships, household types, health and broad income affordability measures.
  • To understand household needs and aspirations with regards to housing and aspects of housing requirements.
  • To develop an evidence base for use in need and demand analysis and modelling across Knowsley.
  • To understand household choices and decision making when considering housing (historic, current and the future of both the core household and newly forming households).

All information returned will be in anonymous format with only the Form ID number and postcode used to code the address to one of the ‘sub areas’ referenced in the survey questionnaire.
Arc4 will then analyse the survey findings and report at a borough wide and sub area level to the Council. Analysis of data will be aggregated and is anonymous.

What allows you to use my information?

The legal basis for using your information is that the council is carrying out a housing survey as it is in the public interest to ensure that current and future housing needs are identified.  Our lawful basis for doing this is Article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR – public task. The housing survey is part of a Housing Needs Assessment that is being undertaken for the borough of Knowsley.  The household survey will be used to develop the new Housing Strategy and support the development of other future plans and policies to respond to Knowsley’s housing needs.

Who will my personal information be shared with?

Survey data will only be used by Knowsley Council and Arc4 for the purposes of the Housing Needs Assessment. 
Arc4 will be provided with address details only by Knowsley Council and those receiving the household survey will be based on a sample. Arc4 will then be responsible for posting the surveys to the sample addresses marked for the attention of ‘the householder’ with no names being provided.
Arc4 uses Washington Direct Mail and PHL, as subcontractors and therefore are a sub-processor, to administer the household survey through the mail out and the scanning of survey forms received.
Data will not be shared with any other third party.

Do I have to provide this information and what will happen if I don’t?

No, participation is entirely voluntary and not a legal requirement.  You can decide whether or not to complete the survey; and you can decide how much or how little you wish to complete.
Our legal basis for processing, should you wish to participate, is Article 6(1)(e) – public task.

How long do you keep the information for?

Data will be held by Arc4 for a period up to 5 years following the completion of the project.  Questionnaires returned by post will be securely destroyed 6 months following the closure of the household survey.

How will be my information be stored?

All paper surveys received will be stored securely by Arc4 and will be securely destroyed by Arc4 once the retention period is met.   Anonymised electronic survey data held by Arc4 and shared with Knowsley Council will be stored on a secure electronic system.

Will this information be used to make automated decisions about me?



Will by data be transferred abroad and why?


Data will not be transferred abroad.

What rights do I have when it comes to my data?

Completion of this survey is voluntary. The survey responses are not requesting “obvious” personal identifiers e.g. names and addresses. In the vast majority of cases it will not be possible to link survey responses to individuals.  However, as full post codes are being collected along with a significant amount of demographic information about individual respondents,  it may be possible that an individual could be identified (although unlikely) from the information provided. Where this is the case this would be defined as personal data under the GDPR/DPA.
Where you wish to exercise any of your rights under the GDPR/DPA the Council / Arc4 will need to be able to identify your individual response to comply.  If this is possible, you will have the right to:

  • Request information about how your personal data is processed, and to request a copy of that personal data.
  • Request that any inaccuracies in your personal data are rectified without delay.
  • Request that any incomplete personal data are completed, including by means of a supplementary statement.
  • Request that your personal data are erased if there is no longer a justification for them to be processed.
  • In certain circumstances (for example, where accuracy is contested) to request that the processing of your personal data is restricted.
  • Object to the processing of your personal data.

You have the right under the Data Protection Act 2018/General Data Protection Regulation to request a copy of your information and to know what it is used for and how it has been shared. This is called the right of subject access.

To request a copy of your data or ask questions about how it is used,  further information is available on our website.
You can submit your rights request to: -
Data Protection Officer
Knowsley Council
Municipal Building
Archway Road
L36 9YU

Or email:

Who can I complain to if I am unhappy about how my data is used?

You can complain directly to the Council’s Data Protection Team by writing to: -
Data Protection Officer
Knowsley Council
Municipal Building
Archway Road
L36 9YU

Or email:
You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office using the following details: -
The Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF
Telephone: 08456 30 60 60 or 01625 54 57 45