Introduction to the Local Plan

What is the Local Plan: Core Strategy?

The Knowsley Local Plan will comprise several documents. The Core Strategy part of the Local Plan will set the strategic framework for the growth and development of Knowsley up to 2028 and beyond. It sets out how and where new development and regeneration should take place and will therefore promote, guide and manage the future development of the borough. The Core Strategy will also shape the investment plans of the Council and other public, voluntary and private sector organisations.

The Core Strategy will provide the strategic context for other planning policy documents, including other parts of the Local Plan. The Core Strategy also includes site allocations for areas to be removed from the Green Belt to meet future development needs, referred to as ‘Sustainable Urban Extensions’.

What are we trying to achieve?

The Strategy for Knowsley aims to make Knowsley ‘The Borough of Choice’, with a sustainable and diverse population, living in successful suburban townships that provide a sense of place and community. The vision states that:
‘By 2023, Knowsley will have:

  • Attractive, sustainable neighbourhoods with a wide choice of housing and excellent community facilities;
  • Vibrant and welcoming town centres;
  • Residents and local communities who are able to make positive lifestyle choices;
  • High quality employment areas which help to drive economic growth in the Liverpool City Region;
  • Narrowed the gap in deprivation levels both between different parts of the borough and between Knowsley and elsewhere.’

This vision will be achieved through the actions of the council and the wider Knowsley Partnership, linked to key outcomes. The Knowsley Local Plan will set out how the borough will develop spatially in the short, medium and longer terms to deliver these aspirations.
On this website, you can find out more about the adopted documents which currently make up the Local Plan, and also review a schedule of Local Plan progress.