Schools sports partnership

We offer support to schools to develop PE and school sport through a range of programmes and activities.  We will work with you to ensure that all 5 to18 year olds have access to high quality physical education and sport in the school setting.  

The Partnership  has a responsibility to create demand for all young people to continue playing sport in a community environment beyond school. Following the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games the Partnership will be instrumental in continuing to inspire and motivate young people to participate in PE and sport and embrace the Olympic and Paralympic values to ensure a lasting legacy.

What we offer

  • Inter school, borough wide competitions with opportunities to link into ,   into county regional and national competitions.
  • Continuous professional development for staff
  • Curriculum support in individual areas of PR such as gym and dance


Option one: standard provision

  • Deliver of regular high quality (level 2) inter school borough wide competition,  ensuring that the players / teams have the opportunity to link into county (Level 3), regional and national competitions in line with national governing bodies of sport and the national School Games programme
  • High quality, focused continuous professional development for staff to support the delivery of high quality physical education and school sport).
  • Curriculum support and schemes of work in indvidual areas of physical education (games, gym, dance).
  • Work with schools to develop links, raise standards and improve transition between primary, special schools and centres for Learning
  • Identify and attract additional sources of funding to support, sustain and develop activity
  • Support schools with the delivery of sports leadership and provide opportunities to grow and deploy young people in high quality leadership and volunteering roles
  • Provide access to financial resources and/or programmes from national corporate sponsors and other local private / public sector delivery funding through the relationships developed locally by the School Sport Partnership
  • Work with schools to integrate and connect to the wider community through direct links with local voluntary community sports clubs
  • Provide programmes and resources that can contribute towards:
  • additional evidence for school self evaluations, PE development plans and Ofsted.
  • improving  the health of young people within the school
  • increasing opportunities for participation in sport for ALL young people regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or level of performance
  • PE and sport being used as a driver to improve behaviour, attainment and attendance and contribute to the school ethos
  • Provide strategic line management to the School Sport Coordinator - teacher release post (Secondary Schools only).

What our customers say

“The Knowsley School Sport Partnership is a well organised and committed organisation at all levels.  Good communication and organisation from Partnership leaders and SSCo’s, coupled with well run cluster groupings of schools has resulted in a dynamic model of PE and sport in Knowsley schools which continues to evolve and develop.”
Mike Omara Knowsley Special School Teacher

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