Occupational health

Occupational Health is concerned with the effects of work on health and health on work. This involves protecting the employee against health hazards, which may arise out of their work, or working conditions.

Our occupational health services will help reduce sickness and absence, and increase worker productivity.

To make it happen, we’re focused on preventative action through careful health screening and workplace reviews, health promotion through workforce education and rapid recovery through rehabilitation and sickness and absence management.

What we offer

  • Rehabilitation back to work following long-term sickness absence
  • Re-assess work in the event of a recently diagnosed medical condition
  • Assess that a person’s medical condition does not interfere with their capacity to perform their job
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Sickness absence medical appointments
  • Management of appointments
  • Health surveillance / screening
  • Flu vaccination – annual programme
  • Telephone advice
  • Therapy/ support services

To get a quote or find out more call us on 0151 443 5780 or e-mail occupationalhealthunit@knowsley.gov.uk.