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The Service Level Agreement for the Provision of a Legal Service to Schools offers comprehensive legal advice, guidance and support to Knowsley schools by the Council's in house Legal Services team.   This allows Knowsley schools to access legal expertise across a wide range of issues and subjects. 

What we offer

  • Dealing with problem parents and ex-pupils, including support and assistance with the drafting of banning letters
  • The provision of advice to Head Teachers and Governors regarding persistent and vexatious complainants particularly (but not exclusively) relating to problem parents
  • Advice concerning school welfare issues
  • The provision of advice to schools on court procedures, including the preparation of witness statements and the giving of witness evidence in courts and Tribunals
  • Assistance in providing and preparing reports for court
  • Advice and assistance with regard to issues arising from the legislation concerning children including private law disputes relating to contact and parental responsibility
  • Assistance in dealing with Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Advice concerning liability issues involving the use of third parties
  • Advice concerning contractual and agency disputes
  • Advice regarding Police Requests for information relating to pupils or for access to school premises


There is a single package for all schools. 

  • It is calculated using a basic premium supplemented by a ‘pupil premium’ based upon whether the school is a primary, secondary or special school and calculated using pupil numbers as a guide
  • This is designed to reflect the generally similar needs of each school while recognising that bigger schools tend to use Legal Services more frequently than smaller schools. 


It is anticipated that the service level agreement should adequately meet the legal service requirements of schools.  However, if additional services become apparent during the duration of the agreement, their purchase at an appropriate fee can be discussed with Legal Services.  A possible example might involve the instruction of a specialist legal counsel to advise upon a complicated area of law on an unusual matter. 

More information


Mike Dearing

Head of Legal Services

0151 443 3672


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