Procurement and Contracting

Who To Contact

David Moran
Scrutiny and Partnership Manager
Telephone: 0151 443 3367

The council does business with many suppliers in delivering its objectives.

Transparency and fair competition

The things we buy can be classified in three main ways – goods, services and works. In doing so we are committed to transparency, equality and an approach which encourages fair competition. As a public sector organisation we hold integrity and ethical commissioning and procurement in the highest of regard. Public bodies also have to comply with lots of legal and regulatory demands, including those required as part of the European Union.

Get registered on The Chest – our digital contracting tool

This page is designed to help all stakeholders including suppliers and businesses to engage with the Council in its tendering and contractual procedures. A key element of how we do business is through use of our online portal The Chest. It is really important that business use this system and it is also the system used by all of the local authorities in the North West of England, so if you register you can receive advert alerts for upcoming contracts, and specify the types of goods and services you are interested in supplying. It’s easy to register and simple to use, but if you are finding trouble using The Chest, you can contact the Procurement Team and one of our expert advisors will help you.

Where can I find out about Knowsley’s contracts, such as adverts for new business, who has been awarded contracts?

Knowsley Council’s published contract details can be found on the contract register alongside all of the other North West local authorities. This register is located on The Chest website where you can also find Current Opportunities.

Social Value – getting as much benefits for our communities as we can

A key objective in our revitalised approach towards procurement is to try and get as much benefit for our local communities as possible. Local government use a language under the banner of “Social Value”. This is just a fancy term for social, economic or environmental benefits. Our Social value statement is attached as well as our Framework. The Framework is sent out with all invitations for quotes and tenders (quotes are for bids under the EU financial  threshold, tenders are for bids over the EU thresholds). The legislation which requires “a duty to consider Social value” applies to only services over the EU threshold, however, Knowsley has extended this to include services under the EU threshold, as well as goods and services. We want to add as much value in benefits back to our local communities and we want our suppliers help us to achieve this too.